Hoops & Hooves offers fresh egg contactless delivery around the KC area, until sold out.  We're still a small farm so these girls can only produce so much! To accommodate everyone, we do take our weekly orders in first come first basis. The nutrition and color you will get from one of our eggs are incomparable!

How To Book A Delivery

How you book is up to you! You can book through our Facebook page or through email.  Following up, we'll ask for your delivery address and send a Venmo request.  Or you can click the Venmo link below and through a private message securely send us your delivery address and payment all at once!   We're also more than happy to accommodate payments any other way,  just email!

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When Do We Deliver?

We deliver on Mondays in and around the city to ensure you that your KC chickens just laid these eggs and your food miles are never more than 30.  Delivery on Mondays allows you to replenish after the weekend and to start your week off with some eggs from your local chickens who enjoyed the KC weekend just as much as you did!

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