The Dogs



Dakota plays an important roll in this homestead by barking the loudest.  He makes sure Paprika does not think that he's the only boy in the yard. He also semi helps by charging at the fence as people simply pass by on their relaxing walks. Dakota protects the eggs with his fierceness. We are so lucky to have him.



The chickens are Kloe's number one priority.  She really shines by charging at their run and making sure they are quick on their feet. Nobody wants a lazy chicken and Kloe makes sure they don't get that way!  She enjoys getting down to their eye level and having stare downs before letting out a playful bow and bark.  The chickens have no idea it's playful and we're thinking of putting her on a leash.



This one is actually a good farm dog!  Waffles never minded the chickens even when they where little fluffy chicks.  Waffles is the only one that can go in their run and not react to them.  It's earned her many an employee of the month certificates.  Now that they're older and bigger we don't let her in too often but they'll always share that bond.

The Chickens


Thank You

This chicken was named by a smart ass who was trying to show me how much he say's Thank You.  It was minimal before this chicken came into his life. Thank You is a Plymouth Rock.



Oh Sickie.  When we first got Sickie we didn't think she was going to make it.  This is Hoops and Hooves first round of chickens and we read that it's not uncommon to loose some.  Well we didn't loose any and Sickie made it! After it was all said and done we thought it might be bad luck to change her name.  Sickie is a Cream Legbar and is lays blue eggs!



Salt is a spunky gal! She is a Brown Isla and loves jumping for her treats.  She's also the best flyer in the group. Although she use to be the one that would gladly come up to you and beg for some pets she has now entered her teenage years and has copped an attitude. 



When I was asking for advice on Facebook about the breed of chickens we have, someone said "if that's a Silver Laced Wyandotte she has some really bad lacing," and I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more.  Pepper is our BEAUTIFUL late layer.  She waits until she can get some alone time around late afternoon in the nesting boxes. She's an independent lady who enjoys her own company.


Old Bay

Old Bay is actually a joiner into our original flock.  She was hatched by a friend and is an Easter Egger. Unfortunately, that flock did not take to Old Bay and her sister.  Her sister did not make it which is not unheard of in the pecking order. The friend thankfully saw this and, since we had just moved our flock outside, thought it might be a good idea to introduce them all while they were young. It was fantastic! They accepted Old Bay like she was in the brooder box with them the whole time.  Old Bay is a tough one though, you can tell she's seen some shit.



Paprika...the Paps....Pappy Van.  He's got some real frustration happening.  He was the absolute cutest little chick you ever did see.  We held him, cuddled him and cooed at him.  Guy won't let us go near him now.  Ever since he figured out he was a Rooster and not one of the girls, he's really taken to his role as protector. Although, a Rooster wasn't planned we're very happy that this Rhode Island Red seems to be one of the more docile ones.