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Cafe Trio

The girls...and Paprika receive goodies and treats from the kitchen scraps at Cafe Trio! With their kitchen making everything on the menu a la carte, and in house, there's plenty of veggie and fruit scraps to make these chickens happy and healthy! Just like human KC locals, the chickens notice and love when Chef has a special feature or menu changes come along!


Blip Roasters

To keep these tiny raptors warm and their coop and claws clean they need bedding. We do it a little differently and use Coffee Chaff! Coffee Chaff can be used for all sorts of animal's bedding and is a great way to help your city Upcycle! The mini dinosaurs love the smell of KC's own Blip coffee. They also adore how well they can scratch at it, which is a natural and necessary behavior for chickens.



 Do you have any ideas on where or how to Upcycle/Recycle from one of our KC local and original establishments? Please e-mail!