How to schedule your delivery is up to you!



You can book through our Facebook page or through email.  Following up, we'll ask for your delivery address and send a Venmo request. 


Or you can click the Venmo link and through a private message securely send us your delivery address and payment all at once!   


We're also more than happy to accommodate payments any other way,  just email!


We deliver on Mondays and organize our delivers as AM/NOON/PM.  Request appointment times are taken but not guaranteed.


Half dozen with delivery$5          Dozen with delivery $10 

About the Eggs

What makes our hens produce some of the best tasting eggs is really quite simple.  These chickens contain no GMO's, no Hormones, have plenty of room to roam and are just generally carefree ladies.  Did you know that you could tell how stressed a hen was when she laid by how thin the eggshell is?! 


A benefit of Hoops & Hooves being so small is that we can take the time to really pay attention to our chickens and their personalities.  We know immediately if someone is feeling down or if their eggs just aren't right.  Anything can be fixed quickly with the love, care and respect that it deserves.  It's about making sure these living animals are happy with their lives, not making sure we're benefitting exclusively from them.

In our opinions, you'll get the best quality eggs from them being unwashed and delivered ASAP. So that's what we do. Since our eggs go out every Monday, they are never more than 6 days old! We don't travel more than 30 miles for delivery to keep our promise that they are local and to do our part in keeping food miles down.

If you do decide to wash the eggs its best to wait until ready to use. Wash gently in warm water; no soap. If you wash the eggs, they'll last about 2 months in the refrigerator.  Eggs that aren't washed should last about 2 weeks out of the refrigerator, or 3 months in it.